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Erbario Toscano was born over 50 years ago in a magical scene in Tuscany, Italy. Nestled between the rolling olive grove covered hills and the Versilia sea, the first store offered natural olive oil products, finished with refined and unusual packaging all made by hand.

The word Erbario, in English Herbarium, is a collection of dried plants that are mounted and classified systematically. Erbario Toscano makes specific reference to plants and herbs found in the nature of Tuscany (lavender, olive, rose, citrus) which are use to create cosmetic products for therapeutic purposes. This is what Erbario Toscano is all about -- the creation of exquisite bath, body and lifestyle products with active natural, plant-based ingredients.

Erbario Toscano offers an exclusive collection of earthly scents from the region of Tuscany (Italy) captured in beautifully handcrafted products for the body and home.

Erbario Toscano products are formulated through long-held traditional methods presented in an antique inspired apothecary design packaging.

Erbario Toscano products are a real tribute to Tuscany, with its perfumes, colors and the real atmosphere of a journey into the region of Tuscany – where cities of art, monasteries, rural estates, forests, green hills, and landscapes change in color with the changing season: pictures you can see from the train window travelling across Tuscany.  

Erbario Toscano are products are natural-based and not tested on animals, Paraben-free, with organic ingredients, dermatologically tested and with the environment-friendly packaging using recyclable materials. Finally, when most other manufacturers look to aggressively expand distribution, Erbario Toscano hand picks each and every retailer to ensure that the best quality customer experience is delivered, similar to the very first store in Tuscany.

Suspended halfway between art and beauty, each Erbario  Toscano creation makes an exquisite gift for someone special, or for yourself.